About Us

Our mission is to enable any business or researcher to solve problems and extract insights from data using statistical methods and advanced analyses. We can advise on how to collect data so that carefully selected statistical procedures can provide solutions to business problems. We aim to be the “stats department you wish you had ”. At every stage of your project, we can support you with advice on the most appropriate statistical methods. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, listening to what you need and, if necessary, supporting you to use the best tools available.
PAL stats was formed in 2017 and launched in 2018 and the company is the vision of its founder, Chris Cook. Chris worked for many years at TNS Digitab where he gained much of his statistical analysis knowledge and training while working with the visionary statistician Eric Willson. Chris is a member of the Market Research Society and a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. If you are wondering what the PAL stands for in PAL stats - Our parent company is Precognitive Acumen Limited.


Our vision is to make the use of statistical methods and advanced data analysis easy and simple for any business or researcher. For this we have to be experts at communicating stats and data analysis - so that we can guide, explain and interpret throughout the analysis process. Our aim is to provide consultants that specialise in every area of statistical and data analysis and are exceptional communicators.